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9 Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job

Onto bigger and better...

by Janna Kefalas in Job Search

There usually comes a time at a job when the song lyrics “Should I Stay or Should I Go” start looping in your brain.

Of course no job is perfect. (That’s why they gotta pay ya!) But if the sound of your alarm clock each morning fills you with utter misery, it might mean you should start exploring new opportunities pronto.

Take a look at this list below. If the majority of these signs ring true for you, consider it a wake-up call…

Sign #1 – You dread Mondays…well, every day

If you feel that same awful pit in your stomach on Sunday night (and frankly, every weeknight), something just isn’t right. Going to work each morning might not cause you to leap out of bed in excitement, but constant dread is a clear indicator that your current job is doing you wrong.

Sign #2 – You’re not being challenged and your skills are flatlining

Maybe the first year or two in this role involved a steep learning curve where you were learning new skills left and right. But if you can now do this job in your sleep and you aren’t expanding your skills and expertise, this position definitely has a shelf life.

Sign #3 – You feel constant tension with your boss and/or co-workers

While you shouldn’t expect to be BFFs with everyone you work with, you deserve to work in an environment where there’s some level of camaraderie, support and mutual respect.

Feeling like your boss and/or colleagues don’t care for you, or worse — are out to get you — can really take a toll. So you might want to start researching companies that have a more welcoming, collaborative vibe.

Sign #4 – You’ve been passed over for a promotion again and again

You’ve put in your time and have taken on challenging project after challenging project. Yet someone else in your department keeps getting promoted. If you feel like your ideas aren’t getting heard or your hard work rewarded, it’s time to brush off that resume and look elsewhere!

Sign #5 – You’re phoning it in — not doing your best work

Conversely, if you’re so bored, frustrated or checked out that you’re starting to seriously slack off, it might be best to say hello to a new job before this one says goodbye to you.

Sign #6 – You think back to your original career goals, and this job is all wrong

It’s easy to go down a certain career path for years (even decades!) before facing the hard truth that your decisions have led you astray. Instead of beating yourself up or resigning yourself to career dissatisfaction, start taking steps to make a career transition into a profession that lights you up.

Sign #7 – Your favorite people keep leaving (or are being let go)

Sometimes the best thing about a job is wonderful co-workers. After all, you likely spend more time with them than family and friends. And they can turn a ho-hum job into a positive experience.

But if they keep quitting or are getting fired, it’s a sure sign that upper management isn’t trying to hold onto their best employees. So you may want to take the hint and see your way out as well.

Sign #8 – You’re experiencing chronic stress, and it’s taking a toll on your health

All jobs can stressful and overwhelming at times. No way around it! But if the long hours and unreasonable pressure you’re dealing with are making you utterly sick (physically or mentally), it’s time to make a change ASAP. No job should compromise your long-term health.

Sign #9 – You’re experiencing or witnessing harassment, discrimination or unethical behavior

Sometimes work environments can be undesirable or unpleasant. But other times you see or experience things that are downright unethical or even illegal! Toxic environments don’t tend to improve, so while you may need to consult a lawyer in certain situations, know that finding a better opportunity should be your #1 priority.

A few things to consider…

While these 9 reasons for looking for another job range from mild to quite serious, I would avoid (if at all possible) quitting your job on a whim. Studies show that recruiters and hiring managers favor employed candidates. Also, looking for a job while you still have a job allows you to be selective (and not feel desperate). And it gives you more leverage in salary negotiations.

That said, if you feel you absolutely must quit your job due to comprised health or another serious matter, have a job search plan in place and (ideally) a financial cushion in case your search takes longer than expected.

Whichever path you choose, with a serious game plan and a little bit of chutzpah, you’ll be well on your way for finding a plum new professional home!