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5 Tips for Getting Your LinkedIn Profile SEEN By Recruiters

Rank higher in recruiters' search results...

by Janna Kefalas in Job Search, LinkedIn
5 Tips for Getting Your LinkedIn Profile Seen by Recruiters

There you are — putting hours into creating your LinkedIn profile because you know what a vital tool it is for standing out as a job seeker.

But just having this electronic resume isn’t enough. What most members don’t realize is that LinkedIn has its own form of SEO — search engine optimization.

Profiles that contain all the right elements will rank higher in recruiters’ search results, leading to more visibility and therefore more job opportunities.

So how do you ensure your LinkedIn profile gets found by recruiters?

While LinkedIn won’t disclose their specific search algorithm, they’ve mentioned these 5 tips on their official blog:

LinkedIn Profile Tip #1 – Have a Profile Photo

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so start strong by having a professional-looking photo. But don’t just do it for vanity’s sake — members with a profile photo receive up to 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests.

Now not any photo will do. Many photos you’d consider throwing up on Instagram or Facebook just don’t make the cut on LinkedIn, especially if you’re doing a job search.

Here are some tips:

• Frame the photo from the shoulders up
• Look directly at the camera and smile
• Wear workplace attire (business or business casual, depending on your industry)
• Use good lighting and a simple background

LinkedIn Profile Tip #2 – Include a Location

It seems like a no-brainer to list the city or town where you’re based, but LinkedIn members who only list their country pay a price. Including your specific location allows you to show up in recruiters’ searches 23 times more often!

LinkedIn Profile Tip #3 – Have a Current Position

The unfortunate truth is that employers are biased toward candidates who are currently working. Therefore, LinkedIn members with current positions are discovered up to 16 times more often in search results.

What do you do if you’re not currently employed?

If at all possible, include any relevant consulting or pro-bono work as a present position. You’ll just want to ensure that your title is alignment with opportunities you’re targeting, as to not throw off title-based or keyword search results.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #4 – Include Relevant Skills 

When recruiters source on LinkedIn, they’re typing in a string of keywords or skill sets into the search field. If you have those skills on your profile, you’re more likely to show up in their results.

In fact, LinkedIn members with more than 5 skills in the Skills & Endorsement section are 27 times more likely to be discovered in recruiters’ searches.

But don’t just limit those skills to that one section, make sure they’re included throughout your profile: your title, summary, work experience, recommendations, etc.

LinkedIn Profile Tip #5 – Reaching “All-Star” Status

As you fill out your profile, LinkedIn will show you a meter of your progress. You’ll want to complete all the main sections so that you achieve All-Star status. This will allow your profile to be much more visible.

Summing It Up

Now these 5 tips aren’t the ONLY things that will help your profile get seen by recruiters. Having a large network and being regularly active on LinkedIn will give you an added boost as well.

It’s important to note that ranking high in recruiters’ search results is only half the battle. You still need to prove that you’re an excellent fit for the role they’re considering you for. After all, they’ll be evaluating your full LinkedIn profile, resume, interview skills, etc.

So make sure to dedicate some hours to those areas as well. That way you’ll be putting your best foot forward when recruiters do reach out to you!