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A fulfilling new job can have a profound impact on your life, especially in this mixed economic climate.

If you’re a mid-level tech or creative professional, what would a new job mean to you?

▶︎  Challenging, rewarding work?
▶︎  An increase in salary with solid benefits?
▶︎  A boss and team who appreciate your contributions?
▶︎  A more flexible work schedule?

But if you’re spinning your wheels in your job hunt, that amazing new role may seem just out of reach…

Do any of these sound like you?

  You’ve applied for dozens and dozens of jobs online and have gotten little or no response.

✓  You’ve tweaked your resume to death but you’re still wondering if it’s showcasing you in the best light.

  You have a LinkedIn profile, but it could probably use some work. (And you wonder what exactly you’re supposed to be doing on LinkedIn each week?)

  You know you should be networking more but aren’t clear on exactly how.

  You feel like you go into interviews prepared, but you’re never quite sure how you come across.

  You still aren’t 100% clear on the right opportunities to go after.

  And … you basically find job searching to be one of the most frustrating and annoying activities on the planet.

If you’re nodding your head “yes,” you’re definitely not alone here.

As a career coach and recruiter, I’ve seen job seekers waste precious time doing the wrong things in their job hunt.

But I completely get it! The hiring process continues to evolve, especially now with the greater use of artificial intelligence in the screening of applicants. It can be challenging to crack the code, but with the eye of an experienced recruiter, we can tackle these areas together:

Career Assessment & Clarity

Not sure if you’re targeting the right roles? Using an intake and assessment process, I’ll help you define your strengths, passions and marketable skills — and get clear on your must-haves in your next position.

Personal Branding

In this ultra-competitive market, it’s essential to showcase what sets you apart from the masses. You’ll develop a clear, compelling message to deliver to potential employers.

Job Search Strategy 

Sending out resume after resume through online job boards and hearing crickets? There’s a better way! We’ll use a multi-pronged approach that taps the hidden job market and gets you seen by the right employers.

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Improvements

Get the tools to write targeted and attention-grabbing marketing materials that put you in the “yes” pile. Avoid the common pitfalls that drive recruiters crazy or might even prevent your application from being seen at all.

Networking Tools

Did you know that you’re more 5-15 times more likely to get hired as a referral? Networking is a critical component to securing a job. I’ll give you the tools to target the right people in an authentic way.

Interview Prep

Interviews are undoubtedly the most critical piece of your job search. But just like an actor or singer wouldn’t walk on stage without rehearsing, you never want to go into an interview cold. We’ll conduct mock-interviews to get you prepared, relaxed and in game mode.

Accountability & Feedback

Perhaps the most essential service I provide is this one. A job search is a massive undertaking. It’s easy to put off those unpleasant tasks and second guess yourself. I’ll help you set and achieve concrete and attainable goals, and I’ll provide helpful insights and feedback along the way.

 1-on-1 Career Coaching 

With 1-on-1 coaching, I’ll give you a specific, tailored plan of action so that you find the right job quickly … without the confusion and overwhelm of a typical job search.

This coaching program includes my online program JobFinder Formula, a structured and strategic 5-part system with videos, templates, and tools.

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