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My Approach

I give my clients a clear plan of action and helpful resources so they can land a stellar job in the quickest and least stressful way possible.

Aside from all the critical components (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, interview prep), I ensure my clients take a full self-inventory and are branding themselves in the most specific and strategic way.

I also help them use a multi-pronged networking approach to tap the hidden job market — the significant percentage of jobs that aren’t posted online at any given moment.

My Story

I’ve leveraged my full-cycle recruiting experience to inform my approach to career coaching. As a recruiter, I handled a wide array of positions across industries, working in-house and on the agency side. Over the years, I reviewed tens of thousands of resumes and cover letters, interviewed hundreds of candidates, and made job offers to over two hundred final candidates. I’ve really seen it all — the good, bad and everything in between.

In doing this work, I quickly learned why certain job seekers stood out and why others landed in the “no” pile. More than anything, I was motivated and inspired to arm candidates with the knowledge and skills to be successful in their job search. I had remembered making so many of the same mistakes when I was job searching and wanted to help others avoid these doozies.

As a career coach, I’ve helped clients across industries get clarity in their job search and land job offers at companies like: Salesforce, Logitech, Wells Fargo, FanDuel, Monster, Ticketmaster, Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey, City of Los Angeles, and other smaller companies, start ups and nonprofit organizations.

I find this work incrediby rewarding! It’s wonderful to see my clients find success and pursue impressive careers.

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