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Client Testimonials

“When most people think about career coaching, I find they see it as ‘only necessary if you’re in a rut,’ or ‘only for those who have who don’t know how to look for a job.’ After working with Janna, it’s clear that these notions are so far from the truth.

What makes Janna stand out from the rest is that she doesn’t just coach you on your search, resume, and interview skills, she aligns those efforts with industry best practices. As an industry professional seasoned in recruitment, coaching, and professional search, Janna understands the science of the job search, she brings experience-based knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.

Even for those who have network, and past experiences in job search, Janna takes your background and network and sharpens it to truly cut through the job search process. Her “JobFinder Formula” lessons, tutorials, and templates really facilitate all of the steps needed during the search process.

Finally, her person-to-person demeanor and standard coaching techniques provide the confidence building, instruction, and insight to really accelerate your search.”

Craig I. – landed a Sr Product Marketing Manager role in tech


“I had the pleasure of working with Janna for several months while I was reevaluating my current career goals, long term goals, and developing a strategy on how to get there.

I already had a good job, my resume was in pretty decent shape, my LinkedIn was “good enough”, but after everything was said and done, the recommendations and changes Janna helped me make ended up cranking everything up another notch. My LinkedIn was already annoyingly busy by the wrong people. After Janna’s changes, I received a lot more attention and finally from a lot more of the right people. This ultimately led to finding an opportunity I wouldn’t have even thought to pursue before.

Janna exemplifies professionalism, and her wealth of experience and knowledge shines through. She does make YOU put in the work though. Janna doesn’t just do everything for you, but she enables and supports you and this allows you to have actionable takeaways that will continue to benefit you over and over again.

Even if you just need an unbiased soundboard to help make difficult decisions, Janna is that person to support you.

I highly recommend Janna.”

Michael S. – landed a Technical Architect role in consulting


Janna truly was a breath of fresh air when I was in the depths of job hunting. I hadn’t looked for a job in over 5 years (my 5 year federal job term had just ended) and I was trying to job search while also caring for two little kids. Janna is so positive and empathetic. She breaks things down into steps and processes that feel manageable and she never makes you feel bad about what you’ve been able to accomplish so far and where you are. She keeps you hopeful.

Janna has a great online program where she has many useful videos and online resources. I loved being able to go back to her videos again and again when I needed reminders. I hate writing cover letter as I never know what to say. Janna has a clear and easy to follow template/framework and strategy for cover letters on her online program.

Janna helped me with many aspects of my job search. She started by showing me how important it was to dive deep into myself to figure out what I really wanted. She helped me re-vamp my resume to tailor it more to the field I was looking to dive into. She also helped me tweak my Linkedin profile to make it more relevant.

She also was wonderful with interview prep and mock interviews. She helped me learn how to really utilize LinkedIn how to spend my time so that I had a structured plan. She most recently helped me with salary negotiation and it worked like a charm.

I honestly can’t say enough good things about Janna! She is friendly, kind, warm, smart and very knowledgeable. I always knew I was getting the most sound and professional advice. She truly cares about her clients and I would hire her again in a heart beat.”

Sarah G. – landed an HR Analyst role in government


“I had been working in the same industry for over six years when I realized I needed to transition to a new one to meet my financial goals. As I began my search, it was like trying to hike up a mountain in a blizzard.

Janna was like a sherpa in the storm. She dazzled me with insight on hiring practices and job search methods I never even knew about. We had an in-depth discussion regarding the specific ways I could leverage all my past work history into a new field.

She was extraordinarily helpful as we completed the deliberate work of overhauling my entire professional persona—resume, cover letter, and digital presence—and offered a thoughtful give-and-take every step of the way.

Plus, she was very responsive throughout: always able to offer a quick bit of insight or advice while I was riding the job search roller coaster. I’m very happy with the way things turned out—and I owe a debt of gratitude to Janna for that.

I suppose it is possible to find a new job or make a career transition without the assistance of someone like Janna. But, like climbing a mountain without a guide, why would you ever want to?”

Mark K. – landed a Senior Copywriter role in tech

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“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with Janna during a recent career exploration process. She helped to guide, coach, train and ask me questions I needed to ask myself to get on the right path. She helped me to think through the tactics I needed to use in my search to connect with a mission that I was truly passionate about.

Throughout our working relationship, she was always very encouraging, supportive and generous in sharing her knowledge. I appreciated her honest and candid feedback throughout the phases of job research, interview preparation, salary negotiation and finally checking in after I began my new job. I particularly appreciated her video training tutorials as an added bonus to our live training sessions.

I would highly recommend Janna to anyone confused about what they want to do or wanting to explore different career possibilities. She has a dynamic personality and presence and is sure to bring positivity and good energy your way!”

Monica G. – landed a Project Manager role at a nonprofit


“As a first-generation American and the first college graduate in my family, navigating the career path has always come off as something very daunting for me. However, after some research, I came across Janna and contacted her to see what I could do about my most recent job hunt and some anxieties that I had around it.

She definitely filled in some gaps in knowledge that I had and provided me with some keen insight, especially with regards to interviewing. Though, I finished her course (JobFinder Formula) before I landed my most recent job, her help with interviewing was definitely a game-changer. I landed the job! And one that I really like too!

Janna does a really great job of getting to know your strengths and weaknesses and strategizing how to improve in those areas you could use more help in. I’m definitely looking forward to checking in with her again when considering my next career move!”

William R. – landed an Arts Associate role in government


I worked with Janna during a time when I left a previous job to make a career change. When I didn’t know the exact steps I would take and needed a serious confidence boost, Janna assisted me in better highlighting my skills and creating a plan for success. Some of the lessons she taught me completely changed the game in my job hunting process and even made it fun.

From interview prep, revamping my resume and LinkedIn, to not only finding any job, but really looking to determine what type of position is best for me, Janna covered all areas. She prepared me for interviews during this process and had an extremely positive way of helping to boost my confidence.

After months of preparation, coaching from Janna, and following the steps in the JobFinder Formula course, I landed the exact type of position I was looking for. I would highly recommend working with her.”

Cherie W. – landed a Salesforce Administrator role in facility services


“Janna was invaluable throughout my first job search. In one-on-one sessions we worked on improving my resume, leveraging my network, and even responding to job offers. Coming from academia there was a lot I didn’t fully understand about job searching, but Janna helped me understand the process and stand out as an applicant.

Her video courses and worksheets (JobFinder Formula) also helped me think about what kind of job and career I really wanted, in addition to providing interview prep strategies and cover letter tips. Most importantly, Janna was wonderful to work with; I can’t recommend her enough.”

Oliver E. – landed a Systems Engineer role in environmental tech

[See Janna’s LinkedIn Recommendations]

“Janna was an excellent resource for my employment transitioned after 23 years at a large global financial institution.

She had me thinking outside the box and going outside my comfort zone to land an amazing role in a completely different industry doing the work I love.

I also had access to JobFinder Formula, an online program that provided helpful content and resources. I was able to use this for my research on different companies, prepare me for networking opportunities and interviews.

I hate networking and this gave me tools and confidence going into network situations in person and remotely.

I highly recommend Janna if you are thinking of a job/career transition or in the process.”

Liz B. – landed a Director of Risk role in tech


“Janna is a truly wonderful career coach, and I am so very glad that I found her!  She came into my life at exactly when I needed her the most.  I was floundering in my job search, had little direction and a lot of fear.

Janna’s positive and caring character, years of experience as a recruiter, and her career coaching certification make her the PERFECT coach for those who are feeling vulnerable and lost in their job search. She gave me constructive, helpful advice and the practical tools I needed to stand out from the crowd.

Most importantly, Janna’s support helped me feel confident about myself as a job candidate, and that has made all the difference in the world. If you are serious about your job search, I highly recommend that you contact her.”

Carrie S. – landed a Social Media Marketing Manager role in entertainment


“I first got acquainted with Janna through her blog. I found her insights and advice right on target with my experience in the market. I was in transition between jobs last year and decided to take her JobFinder course. It was just the boost I needed to catch up on the latest with LinkedIn and develop my game plan.

My resume presented well after I added the metrics Janna recommended. I can’t say enough about Janna’s course if you are in transition or trying to change careers, she is truly an expert who cares.”

Romona W. – landed Director of Program Management role in healthcare


“Janna played a large part in my recent job search. She assisted me in navigating through challenging questions that came up during the interview process and provided tips during negotiation once I got the job offer.

Aside from the one-on-one coaching, I found the online program JobFinder Formula extremely helpful. After viewing the videos and completing the worksheets, I felt prepared for interviews and even looked forward to them.

I highly recommend working with Janna. She is an extremely knowledgeable, results-driven career coach.”

Irena K. – landed a Studio Coordinator role in architectural design


“Getting laid-off (for the first time) creates a lot of personal turmoil, however in my case, I had the good fortune of having Janna in my corner during my job search. She really knows the ins and outs of job hunting.

She helped me with my resume and cover letters so that they were focused on what I had really accomplished in my career, both soft and hard skills. She also showed me how the resumes and cover letters could be customized and tailored to the job description.

The hard part of the process, for me, was prepping for interviews. I had not interviewed for many years and was not good at it.  She worked with me performing mock interviews, helping me answer the difficult questions in a concise and organized way and generally pointing me in the right direction – she knows the questions!! As my interviewing skills improved, I started getting positive feedback from my interviewers and ultimately landed a new position.

Finally, there was something I did not expect to get but glad I did – a very positive and energetic partner. Really great to have someone on your side as you navigate through the difficulties of job hunting. Honestly, do yourself a favor and hire Janna. She goes above and beyond.”

Steven O. – landed a Data Analyst role in healthcare