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Take Your Job Hunt Away From Your Computer!

Try these 4 strategies...

by Janna Kefalas in Job Search, Networking

You there…yes YOU…peering out from behind your laptop. I have a feeling you’ve tunneled down an Indeed/LinkedIn/ZipRecruiter/Glassdoor rabbit hole, am I right?

Don’t be ashamed. Those online job boards can ensnare even the most vigilant job seeker. They seduce you with their endless job postings, making you feel amazingly productive with each click of the APPLY button.

But don’t be fooled! A true job hunt can’t be entirely successful from a laptop alone. Sometimes you have to get out in the big bad world and actually talk to people. Or do some job searching IRL (as the kids say).

So here are some strategies for taking your job hunt offline and learning about potential opportunities:

Networking Events

In-person networking events can take many forms. Some are more traditional, taking place in large conference halls and organized by industry. Others might be small, casual, and completely non-career related. is a great resource for finding a wide variety of groups and events. You can search by location and browse by an array of types: career & business, social, outdoors & adventure, food & drink, hobbies & crafts, etc.

Depending on where you live, there may be multiple events happening each day, exposing you to people across various industries.

Alumni & Chamber of Commerce Events

It’s easy to forget what powerful resources your alumni association and local Chamber of Commerce can be. Even if your alma mater is in a different location, check with your alumni association to see if there’s a local chapter. It just might be holding an upcoming event. And talking about the glory days of college is an instant conversation starter.

Your local Chamber of Commerce may also schedule industry mixers from time to time. They’re a great way to network with like-minded professionals in your field.

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Social Events

While more career-focused networking events can be really helpful, don’t think that has to be your only option. Because if you think about it, any type of social gathering is a potential networking event. This could be a friend’s dinner party, a neighbor’s BBQ or a nephew’s baseball game. Any opportunity to meet and interact with new people can have positive outcomes.


Volunteering in your community can be a true multiplier. Not only does it allow you to experience a different environment, meet new people, and potentially learn new skills, but you get the satisfaction of doing some good in the world. and are two great sites to find local volunteering opportunities.

A Few Things to Note…

Regardless of the type of event you attend, it’s smart to bring personal business cards that include your contact info and LinkedIn URL. Exchanging business cards can allow you to follow up and stay in touch with your new contacts.

Also, don’t worry if walking into a large room full of strangers gives you sweaty palms and marble mouth. You definitely don’t have to be an expert conversationalist to reap the benefits of these events. I find that putting the focus on the other person and asking them questions can take the pressure off.

But be prepared to answer that inevitable, “So, what do you do?” No need to delve into your entire work history, but it’s completely kosher to let them know the kinds of opportunities you’re targeting as well as any specific companies you’re hoping to get to know better. You never know who these fellow event attendees may know and could introduce you to!


So don’t let that silly laptop stand between you and some powerful networking opportunities. Putting in actual face time can be a real game changer in your job hunt.