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4 Tips for Nailing the Video Interview

Make the best virtual impression!

by Janna Kefalas in Interviews

With so many job interviews being conducted remotely these days, it’s never been more crucial to nail the video interview.

​And now that many of us are so accustomed to doing Zoom calls for work and fun, thankfully video interviews seem a lot less intimidating than if we had never used video conference technology before.

​So, bonus on that one!

​However … when those squares of people are focused entirely on YOU as you answer their tough questions, suddenly things can get very real.

​Now, while I’m not going to cover interview questions today, here are some specific ways you as a candidate can prepare for video interviews and really stand out.

​Video Interview Tip #1 – Test Out the Tech in Advance

​If your video interview is going to be on Zoom, and you’re (most likely!) already set up for that — then you can check that off your list.

​But if it’s being conducted on Microsoft Teams, Webex, or some other video tool, make sure to download the software and test it at least a day in advance.

​This means hooking up your webcam and doing a quick test run with your earbuds/microphone.

​Regardless of the technology, a reminder to be in a well-lit space with a simple background. (Move that pile of laundry out of the way!)

​Also, make sure your space is quiet (without disruptions from household members and pets) and has good WiFi. There’s nothing worse than the video freezing up during a critical part of the interview.

​Video Interview Tip #2 – Dress the Part

​Maybe your current company has embraced a lounge-chic look for video calls. (So you’ve happily gotten away with one-step-up-from-PJs for months now!)

​But when it comes to making the right impression with a potential employer, appearances do matter. So dress professionally for the video interview, even if the company is normally casual.

​Wondering what to wear? You don’t have to don a three-piece suit, but a button down shirt for men (with a tie if it’s a more formal industry) and a blouse for women is advisable.

​And for the love of all things holy, please wear pants (just in case you have to stand up suddenly)!

​Video InterviewTip #3 – Body Language Matters

​One casualty of the in-person interview is the opportunity for the team to get a sense of you and for you to get a sense of them IRL.

​With video interviews, however, they’re drawing as much information as possible from your little square.

​So do what you can to convey warmth and confidence. Smile (when appropriate), be aware of your posture, and look directly into the camera as much as possible.

​And watch nervous habits like: fidgeting, finger or toe tapping, hair twirling, or pen clicking.

​Video Interview Tip #4 – Have a Document Open on Your Computer

​While you’ll probably have the video platform taking up the majority of your screen, it’s important to have a Word or Google doc at least minimized on your computer.

​That way you can quickly jot down the questions they ask and any additional information they provide about the role and company.

​You can also document their answers to the questions you ask at the end of the interview. This will help you prepare for subsequent rounds and assess a potential future offer.

In Conclusion

​So while video calls might already seem like old hat to you, these specific video interview tips can take you from amateur to pro in no time!

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