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Why do I need a career coach?

They say that school teaches us everything except for how to find a job. Let’s face it, a job search can be a major endeavor. There’s so much conflicting and outdated career advice out there to wade through.

Just like we enlist the services of a personal trainer, lawyer, financial planner or tax accountant, a career coach can provide an objective and informed perspective to ensure you’re implementing the smartest strategies, using the right tools, and making the best impression with potential employers.

Aside from helping you with the practical components — resume, interview prep, etc., a career coach also guides, supports and motivates you in realizing your career potential.

What types of clients do you work with?

While I’ve worked with clients at every stage of their career in a wide range of industries, my focus is helping early and mid-career professionals.

I mainly work with clients in marketing, administration, HR, writing, accounting and IT within the healthcare, education, entertainment, design, tech and nonprofit sectors.

If this doesn’t sound like you, not a problem. We can do a free discovery call to see if it’s a fit!

I don’t live in Los Angeles.  Can you still help me?

Yes! Technology saves the day. I do my coaching over Skype and provide email support and online resources as well.